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30 January 2011 @ 04:44 pm
Please cease and desist the comment spamming on this blog immediately.  I like blog comments, don't get me wrong- but let's not pollute the internet with comments that contain crude links or that have absolutely nothing to do with anything of interest whatsover.  I screen comments for a reason.  Don't waste you're time.

I'm a friendly blog writer, really I am, but get real.  I hate vulpine blathering.

Don't think God isn't watching those who crudely or importunely comment on blogs, and may those same not take advantage of the fact that I don't blog here frequently.  I still take out the trash.
24 January 2011 @ 09:34 am
Along with every new year comes yet another set of classes.  It's been quite a while since I updated anything on this blog, because I have been BUSY!  Super busy.  Wow.  It seems I will probably continue to post things infrequently, as I have more than a full load of courses this year (and I took Physiology last summer and more than a full load last fall, so there was no way I was about to post something on here...) so the advice I have for current students is,

Know your limits. 

Don't overbook yourself. 

If you can't do something due to your course-load, even if you like doing it, it's probably a good idea to refrain and get good grades.

But keep a healthy balance, or you could cause yourself to have a high level of stress.

22 January 2010 @ 01:03 am
Simple Tips for Spring 2010:

- Stay motivated.
- Get enough sleep.
- Keep your backpack organized.
- Keep your clothes clean and organized.
- Clean your room /before/ it turns into a disaster.
- Print out your notes from your instructor(s) /ahead/ of time.
- Always have a few snacks handy, or snack money.
- Bring a water bottle when possible.
- Carry extra cash in case of emergencies.
- Remember to bring essentials or helpful items like keys, a wallet, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, a coat, gloves, paper, etc.
- Keep binders organized, and fix loose papers before you lose them altogether.
- Eat well.
- Make a point to stay clean, and thus avoid getting sick when those at school pass germs. Being cold doesn't give you a cold, contrary to popular wives tales and mis-information. If this were true, what would happen to all the eskimos? Thus you need to make sure that your contact with other people is not endangering you, because it's being stuck indoors in close proximity to other people during the cold months that puts you at risk.
- Bring an umbrella with you when it rains, if you need one.
- Set aside 10-12 hours of study time per week for every serious science course you take.
- If you can do homework or extra credit or reading ahead of time, DO IT.
- Better to be smart than to be popular. Don't let over-socializing keep you from doing the best that you can in school.
- Set commitments, rather than resolutions or loose goals, then meet them: setting commitments forces you to strive to do what it takes to actually meet them, since you expect yourself to succeed.
- Don't think about failure constantly. Think about success, and stop telling yourself what you're incapable of doing.
- If you have a short attention span, split up study times with fun time, but moniter yourself so you don't get overly distracted with your free time.
Finals are near for most students(ugh- stress), but so is Christmas.

Merry Christmas, all! STUDY FOR YOUR FINALS. Make sure you are registered for your Spring 2010 classes!!

~ Hannah
14 November 2009 @ 10:39 pm
Here is some simple assistance on how to find how many grams of a compound are in a number of molecules.

click here for short chemistry articleCollapse )
14 November 2009 @ 09:21 pm
How to find molecular and empirical formulas.

click here for chemistry articleCollapse )
14 November 2009 @ 07:52 pm
Confused about how to calculate the density of a gas at STP? Follow these step by step instructions.

click here for chemistry articleCollapse )
14 November 2009 @ 07:18 pm
How to find how many valence electrons are in an atom:

Best answer that I've found-


Best periodic table of the elements that I've found- (click on it to make the image bigger)

Having trouble working out a problem in chemistry that deals with STP? Here is an example of how to go through a problem, step by step.

click here for chemistry articleCollapse )
12 November 2009 @ 10:05 pm
Here's a short essay I once wrote for a college history class (score: 10/10) Thankfully I had watched a bit of the drama "North and South" before writing the essay, which complemented the chapter material very well, and helped me to score 100% on both my short-answer essay, and on the history test that accompanied the essay.

Click here to read my writing..Collapse )
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12 November 2009 @ 07:30 pm
I found two more interesting articles:

^ improve your memory

^ what scientists have learned about memory
12 November 2009 @ 06:51 pm
Once while I was sifting for an article to choose to write about for my chemistry summary that was due, I came across this encouraging article for those who are at their wit's end in chemistry class: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/26/education/edlife/26orgo.html

An excerpt of the wonderful article, by Matthew Scult:

"Here is an example of my thought process as I attempted a homework problem: O.K. N,N-dimethylbutanamide is hydrolyzed faster in aqueous sodium hydroxide solution than is butanamide itself. Why? Why would it hydrolize faster? I don’t even know what all those words mean; I shouldn’t even be taking this class; for some reason this is so much more difficult than the rest of my classes; maybe it’s just because I’m not that interested; maybe I should drop out and then I would have more time to spend with my friends; maybe I need to take more humanities classes; let’s see, what other work do I have . . . MATT, FOCUS, oh, right, I should just do this now, and then I can do other things, BUT I DON’T CARE. . . ."

This guy READ MY MIND!!! Chemistry made me want to beat the walls..
Okay, so on the surface, if you read the full article, it may seem a little dreary- it doesn't sound like the guy did too great- but you know what? He realized that he was going to *do* his best, even if he couldn't *be* the best. It's the old try, try again philosophy. We hear about that philosophy because it *works*. The second you start giving up is the second you're going to start eroding any chance you've ever got of succeeding. Even if you fail, you can pick yourself back up again.

The following sites usually have good chemistry articles-

No, that was NOT meant to be a twilight reference, *COUGH, I hate Twilight-fandom COUGH*

click here for anatomy pictures and list of items to identifyCollapse )
12 November 2009 @ 04:19 pm
This is from when I studied the heart. My oh my..

click here for anatomy pictures and list of items to identifyCollapse )
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12 November 2009 @ 03:57 pm
Welcome to my blog for musing and learning. =) This blog accompanies my other blog, "Beauty From Inside", where I share bits of wisdom, my personal writing, or anything else that happens to come to mind. The purpose of *this* blog, however, shall be entirely scholarly. Comments are welcome. :)

You may share my writing IF you comment here and request permission. You shall also then do so ONLY with my permission, and ONLY in the ways I specify- pretty please. No plaigiarizing my work- quoting/copying my work without the proper credits is stealing.

On this blog, I will share some homework tips, in the hopes that it will benefit someone.  As a friend once told me, "the great thing about knowledge is that you can both keep it and give it away".

~ Hannah